Bring your users into a secure, mobile, and connected world with Citrix Mobility APIs!


Put Citrix collaboration tools into your workflows or apps. Your users can meet, train, support, teach and connect. Run your first APIs in minutes. APIs.


Cut application development time with language-specific SDKs. Automated SDK builds ensure working and updated code bases. SDKs.


Code samples and reporting tools give you a head start on creating working applications. Adopt and adapt. Samples.


Join the Citrix API community. The Citrix API Forum covers all phases and types of development. Share your expertise and experience. Forum.

Citrix SaaS Integration Marketplace:
Increase your Productivity!

Citrix SaaS Integrations are pre-built connections that get your tools to talk to each other. Rather than work out of two separate systems, you integrate them together to work in one. That way, you can focus on getting the job done, skipping the dreary data entry and other redundant steps. It’s a smarter way to work. Learn more.

Citrix App Challenge

Cash and acclaim! Fun and free reign! If you have an application that leverages Citrix APIs and connects user to their needs in new and exciting ways, Citrix would like to hear about it, and you may be eligible for cash and other prizes!

Contest from Jan 13 to Apr 2, 2015

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